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Adult education provides opportunities for adults to improve education levels, obtain a high school credential, or become better English speakers.

14 Job-Related Soft Skills Employers Look For - eLearning Soft Skills Program
These 14 eLearning modules on Lifelong Soft Skills are to provide a universally accessible soft skills training resource for the Michigan workforce for basic and foundational skills for the workplace, to help ensure the workforce is ready to succeed in the 21st century.

Learning Express Library
Offered through the Michigan eLibrary (MeL), this is a tool that provides resources to help you succeed, including practice tests, skill-building courses and eBooks.

Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT) Program
High school students graduating this year may be eligible for a three-year, no-cost program in an in-demand field. They will get hands-on experience and earn an associate’s degree – all while getting paid!

Michigan National Career Readiness Certificate
Did you know that 80 percent of all jobs are projected to require skills beyond those gained in high school? You need to show an employer you have the skills to hit the ground running – documented skills based on the “real world” of any workplace – from a welding shop to a hospital. Show an employer you are job ready with the Michigan National Career Readiness Certificate. The MI NCRC is a nationally recognized credential that verifies to an employer that you have essential skills in applied math, reading for information and locating information – skills that are valuable to any occupation – skilled or professional – and at any level of education. The MI NCRC complements the GED, high school diploma or degree you’ve earned from a community college or university, and can often be more meaningful to an employer than a resume listing experience in different job settings.

Michigan Training Connect (MiTC)
As you begin your search for the right training, Michigan Training Connect (MiTC) can assist you in making knowledgeable decisions concerning your professional future and career. Michigan Training Connect is the State's official training provider list. Choose between different methods of finding the providers and programs that meet your specific needs.

College Exploration

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List of Public Colleges and Universities

List of Private Colleges and Universities

Michigan Community College NETwork
The purpose of this site is to provide a wide range of information about Michigan Community Colleges. Search for awards conferred, enrollments, and programs offered at Michigan Community Colleges. Tuition and Fee rates are also available. Want to know where a specific community college is located or link to the college's home page - just click on Michigan Community Colleges under Contact Center.

Michigan Skilled Trades

Do you know all the career options in Michigan?

Find resources to help you guide children and youths through skilled trades explorations.

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They can offer a terrific opportunity to get your foot in the door.

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